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Cabinet Color

Kim OReilly Interiors | Interior Design, Seattle

When choosing cabinet color it is often assumed that the upper cabinets (mounted on the wall) and the lower cabinets (sitting on the floor) should be the same color.This however is a misconception and depending on the design goals in the space, having a different color for the uppers and lowers can be benefical for the end result. In small rooms selecting upper cabinets the same color as the wall color can help create volume in a room, essentially make it seem bigger.

If creating space of volume in a small room is desirable choose a light color for the upper and a darker grounding color for the lowers. Many cabinet companies will do custom matched color from any paint company so the possibilities are endless. The key is to choose a color that compliments the overall palette in the room and the adjacent rooms and choose a color that has some longevity.


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