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Kitchen Backsplash

Kim OReilly Interiors | Interior Design, Seattle

The countertop material selection in a kitchen interior design project should be both functional aesthetically pleasing. Afterall there is a lot of this material and it is viewed more often than any other surface in the room. Countertop material is typically a solid surface such as stone or butcher block or concrete to name a few. Although there are seams, the material is sold and then fabricated from a slab or large sheet of material such as a laminate.The backsplash or vertical material that runs up the wall also needs to be functional but does not require the same amount of 'practicality”.

The backsplash provides a opportunity to design something really creative. Tiles used in various patterns are a a common approach. Another option is to some use a combination of the countertop material and tiles. The solid surface material often has excess due to the dimensions the material is sold in and the dimensions of material needed to fabricate the counters. Many of the tiles are expensive but if only a limited amount are needed many more options become affordable. The following photograph illustrates the use of both countertop and hight end tiles used in a backsplash fabrication. The possibilities are endless.


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