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Paint Colors

Kim OReilly Interiors | Interior Design, Seattle

Paint color selection is one of the more challenging tasks in a interior design project. Although color is a very personal choice there are some guidelines for color selection that are consistent. These guidelines apply to interior spaces. Choose colors that enhance the mood you are trying to achieve in the room. Natural light and the room conditions are another important factor. Light colors generally advance or expand the space while dark color absorb or recede in a room. Generally speaking white is a good color choice for ceilings if you are trying to lift the room or increase the ceiling height. However where mood is more important than volume, a dining room or powder room for example, a dark ceiling or ceiling color that is the same as the wall color can be a great look. Also try if possible to change color on a inside corner.

This is a good way to define the interior architecture and not have awkward color shifts in a space.


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