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Interior Design - Only for the wealthy?

Large homes brimming with expensive furniture and artwork. This is often the image people have in their mind’s eye when they think of interior design. While this scenario does describe a service professional interior designers provide, there are many other scenarios where the expertise of an interior designer can apply and be very cost saving!

Consider the current real estate market in Seattle. The inventory is low and what is available, falls into the “fixer upper” category. Daunting right? Not only are you committing to one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime, now you have to renovate!

Now consider this ‘fixer upper” doesn’t entail any alteration to the structure or to the foundation. What the home really needs is a better flow as the current layout is confusing and dated, and new finishes or materials. Enter the interior designer.

Budget, time and confidence to make decisions are all major factors as to what level of involvement is needed. The key to success is to involve the interior designer from the beginning, so you have a master plan to move forward. The key is forward and not backward.

Regardless of the complexity of the project a skilled interior designer will always be invaluable to the project. A 1-2 hour meeting or a series of these meetings throughout the project to come up with a plan and to keep moving forward can save hours of headaches and money and “I wish I would haves” later.

People know what they like and are good a selecting individual pieces or materials or colors. Where people often have difficulty is visualizing the finished project once all the individual components come together. A good interior designer is a excellent visualizer and in the end will save you money and time and of course all those “I wishes…” Kim OReilly Interiors

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