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It’s everywhere! Wall covering! The options available are endless and wall covering as a material option is not the elite designer material it once was. You can purchase it online, at paint store and even

Home Depot has some available. High end paper, vinyl and other wall material applications are still available and well worth the money. When choosing wall covering one of the questions I ask my clients is how often they are in the room or look at the wall they are considering covering. For example if the pattern is bold, bright and or busy it would be wise to consider using it in a room that you are trying to create energy like a game room. Also powder rooms are a great place to do something really strong and powerful. The sky is the limit as this is a room you are in for a short term and then out of again. Headboard walls are another wall to go all out.

Think about it. You enter the room and get the full effect of the wall application but the majority of the time you are actually in the room, likely in bed, it is behind you and therefore you are not constantly looking it. Perhaps a good thing? Once again it’s all a matter of perception.

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