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Interior design. 800 square feet.

Modern Kitchen, West Seattle. Washington.


This home originally built in the 1940’s. The site was large and landscaped with mature trees and vegetation. The home however was dated and needed a fresh look. The interior design and interior architecture needed to bring the outside inside and open up the rooms to the beautiful outdoor space. The kitchen was the priority and the owner wanted a modern, spacious, and light filled room.


Window sizes were increased, walls were opened up and glass sliding doors were installed to separate the kitchen from the rest the home but still allow the light to pass through. White cabinets and marble countertops were selected to achieve the desired look and maximize the volume to of the room. New light wood flooring was installed to soften the space. A mix of man made and natural materials were used to achieve that perfect blend of finishes. Upon project completion the kitchen appeared much larger in scale that it was originally although the square footage remained the same.


Professional, timely and on budget. I have worked with Sync on several residential design projects within Canada and the US (many of these photos are on the website). The projects have ranged from paint color, furniture and accessory selection to more technical design elements (i.e. moving walls to create a more open concept kitchen/living area) in terms of interior layout.

Kim is very approachable and no-nonsense. She is respectful of the budget I give her and my desired timeline. She has an amazing ability to honor my personal design ideas while giving them a fresh, and sometimes new, direction that makes me truly appreciate why I hired her in the first place.

When I have attempted to do a project on my own in the past I have become overwhelmed by the shear number of structural and cosmetic choices there are. In the end, Kim saves me considerable time and frustration and I am always very pleased I decided to work with Sync again. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

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